The beginning of simple.

The beginning of simple.

So, I’m a little crazy.  I know that.  And I’m fine with it.  It keeps life interesting.  I have a tendency to get these crazy ideas and put a lot of work into them, sometimes with little to no return.  But I’m okay with my craziness.  It’s just the way I figure life out.  I say this pretty often, but I think this idea is really good!  I’ve been thinking a lot about life and what’s important and what’s not important.  And here’s what I think…

I think that most of the things we spend time and money on are not important.  I think that most of us are suffering from an overload of stimulation.  We have this crazy drive to make the most of every second of our life but it’s too much.  We get so busy planning and executing our adventures that we don’t have time to enjoy them.  We don’t need to be busy every second of the day.  It’s okay to step to back and enjoy a sunny day or spend two hours talking about dinosaurs with your two year old.  The problem is that there are too many things to do and buy.  We have to have the latest clothes.  The latest sports equipment.  The best gym membership.  We have to go to concerts and take big, exciting vacations.  It used to be that people had one or two “things” or hobbies that they focused on.  Some people played guitar.  Some people liked to travel.  Some people were into fashion.  Some people played soccer.  Now, everyone feels like they have to do everything.  And I’m worse than any of you!  I like to knit, sew baby clothes, play guitar, workout, cook homemade meals, play soccer and hockey, go to self defense class, box, keep the house perfectly organized, take my son to the park and the library and the zoo and the museum, spend time with my sister and my mom.  And make time for concerts and nights out with friends.  That doesn’t even include work.  No wonder I’m exhausted all the time!

I need to simplify my life, decide what’s important to me and let everything else go.  I need to accept the fact that no matter organized and motivated I try to be, I just can’t do everything.  So instead of driving myself crazy trying, I am going to simplify.  I’m exiting the rat race.  I’m done!  Stuff doesn’t make me happy.  Money doesn’t make me happy.  What I need the most are people to love, time spent in nature, and a belief in something bigger than myself.

Recently I’ve been trying to make some career choices and I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what to do for money.  Part of the problem is that, in order to maintain our lifestyle, we have to make quite a bit of money.  And I don’t want to work in any of the jobs that pay that much money.  So instead of trying to earn more and more, why not just need less?  If I can make my life smaller so that I don’t need everything, maybe I can find a job I really enjoy and not be stressed if it doesn’t pay that well.  Maybe I can actually be happier with less.  Can I do that?  Is that allowed?  Yes, I have a degree in accounting and a law degree and I am licensed to practice law in Colorado, but do I have to?  Do I have to abandon my child for 50 hours a week and let him be raised by strangers so I can prove my worth to the rest of the upper-middle class?  Is it okay if I choose to be poor?  Are there other people out there with these same thoughts and ideas?

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