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Simple Cleaning

Simple Cleaning

I would love for our house to be clean, neat, and organize one hundred percent of the time.  I really, really would.  But I live with two boys and it just aint happenin.  I mean, I’ve tried.  I’ve followed the two year old around all day and made him pick up every toy as soon as he was done with it.  I’ve nagged, yelled, cried, screamed, pleaded, begged, and demanded that my husband help me keep the house clean and organized.  It hasn’t worked at all.  In the history of the universe no cavewoman ever changed her caveman from a messy one to a neat one.  Ever!  I’ll save you three years of your life right now, and just tell you that you are not going to change your husband’s habits.  Nope.  There, now you can relax and stop beating your head against the wall.  Your welcome.

But, that doesn’t mean your husband gets to be a slob and you have to walk around with resentment building upside of you until you finally decide to  murder him, slowly, by poisoning his protein shakes just a little each morning, meanwhile enjoying your last days and weeks together until his final yet inevitable demise.  I may have borrowed that from Knocked Up.  Anyway, there is a simple solution and it has worked quite well for us…

Lauren’s Super Awesome, In-Color, Laminated and Hung on the Refrigerator, Cleaning Chart…

Click here to view:  Cleaning Chart

This will change your life, I promise.  No, your house won’t look perfect all the time.  In fact, it will never look perfect.  But, it will never be disgusting either.  Here’s how it works…

Print out my handy dandy cleaning chart.  Take it to the nearest UPS Store or Post Net and get it laminated (only if you’re a super dork like me).  Then, start on Day 1.  Do the assigned cleaning.  None of the tasks, except laundry, should take longer than 15 minutes.  (If they do, buy a smaller house or get a neater husband.)  When you complete a task, put a fridge magnet over the box containing that task.  The next day, do the task in the box labeled Day 2, or delegate to another member of the family.  Each weekday do one cleaning chore.  There are 10 total so you will clean every part of your house every other week.  Not perfect but you only spend fifteen minutes per day cleaning and you get the weekends off.  You won’t have to spend every other Sunday buried in a mountain of cleaning chores, planning your husband’s slow and relatively painless but certainly deserved death.  I should be a marriage counselor.  Or maybe I’ll just charge $1,000 for my cleaning chart.  But the lucky 3 or so people who read my blog get to have it for free.  Lucky you.

Note…  You may have to adjust the chart if you have more/different rooms than I do.